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Nar8iv has one purpose; help you scale your young, innovative company to its full potential.

And despite the challenges we're all facing, the opportunities ahead have never been greater or more attainable.

Consider that in a 2019 study, the MIT Executive Summit predicted that by 2030, 

40% of all existing companies will be gone. Arrogance, outdated practices, rigid structures and cultures will leave them incapable of adapting to a business and marketing environment that will have gone through a complete transformation. 

While that presents a tremendous opportunity for innovative new companies trying to fill the void, history shows that 9 out of every 10 will fail and half in their first three years. While their leaders may have great ideas; too many still think, operate and talk about their companies like it's 1995 and no one is listening. 


People have heard it all a million times over.


They want the companies they support to recognize their changed expectations and demands. They want personalization and transparency. Who are you? What do you do? How do you do it? Who, specifically, do you do it for? Be anything you want to be. Just be honest about it.


"If you do it well and it's perfect for me, I'm in. If you don't, I'm out." In other words, stop the BS.


We're not an ad agency. The world has way too many of those already.


We're a partnership of experienced professionals who operate independently and together as needed; united in a belief that if you're an innovator trying to bring a great new idea to the mainstream, you must look forward and start thinking, operating and talking about your company like it's 2030.

Do that today and they will listen.

The future is bright. We can help you get there first.

Bill Ferguson

Managing Partner


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As most company leaders struggle to keep their businesses alive, there are eight steps you can take today to ensure a brighter future. We understand the fear and worry; wondering if you'll be able to keep the lights on. It's natural. The problem is, it doesn't help. In fact, working to hold onto the company you've built will put you even further behind in a post-pandemic world. A better use of your time and energy is using a part of your down-time to become a better company; ready for the next, new normal. Keep fighting to get through but carve out just a little time to put 8 ideas to work for the brightest future of your business. Before Covid-19 stole the focus of our day-today, we were in


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